Wednesday, March 30, 2011

We are Pagan AND gay, holy shit!

Originally, Lisa and I were going to have a Handfasting on the same day of our wedding. A Handfasting is a marriage ceremony for anyone really but it is traditionally for people who follow the paganism path. A few months ago, Lisa and I were waiting to pick up our youngest daughter from school. We were seriously having a melt down because of the schedule issues we were facing due to having both ceremonies on the same day.

Have you ever seen Despicable Me? Lisa had a moment much like Gru does. Light Bulb! She suggests that we should have our Handfasting THIS year. I just about jumped on her I was so excited.

So now while we plan our wedding that is happening in June of 2012, we are also planning our Handfasting or Pagan wedding that is happening this May. Super, uber excited. We are almost ready as in planning is close to complete. But we've been ready for quite some time :)

I'll post pictures after the ceremony. It's going to be very intimate. Just Lisa and I and our two girls. The clergywoman and her daughter and then our photographer. That's it. My mom is a little upset about that but I don't care. It's our ceremony. Besides, she's coming to the wedding. She'll just have to wait like everyone else!

PS: If you'd like to know more on Paganism and/or Handfastings - google is an awesome resource. There is much on the interwebs about this topic. However, I recommend visiting shops and book stores for more information. Blessings and happy searching!