Wednesday, April 13, 2011

The Handfasting

As mentioned previously, we are getting handfasted this May. We have roughly 6 weeks to go. We have virtually everything planned, it's just a matter of getting it all organized and gathering up the stuff.

Two days ago, I was stressed the fuck out. I've been the main one planning and not by any fault of Lisa's... it just worked out that way. I really don't mind at all. AND when it comes to decision making, we make them together so don't think I feel I've taken on this entire situation by myself. I don't think that.

Anyway... freaking out. I felt like I was failing in this endeavor to have ritual at our handfasting. You don't have to have full ritual but we want one. One thing I severely enjoy about being an eclectic pagan is that I can do what feels right and not worry about it offending someone else. However, because we are planning a full ritual, I don't want anything to be 'wrong' so that our pairing isn't blessed! UGH!

Now skip ahead to yesterday, last night, really. Lisa and I are discussing for the billionth time about our handfasting cord. My ex - which was nice and strange all at the same time - came up with a few ideas and they were great! But they weren't 'us'. They were 'him' and to prove that, he created a lei for a graduation that isn't happening for another 2 years. It's for the teenager. It is made exactly how he was suggesting Lisa and I make our handfasting cord. I'm just putting it out there that I don't want a lei as my handfasting cord. Thanks for the ideas but we'll take it from here.

Boy, I ramble like a mofo.

Last night, we finally come up with an idea that we both understand and agree on! YAY! Right?!?!?!?! YESSSS! I made the charms that will go on the end of each side. They are completed. No going back! I love them! We picked beads, seeds, rock, and stones that meant something to both of us and we used charms that each of us have had for years. Ones that we got on our own. Love it! Now, we both have to tie our own cord colors together, bless them, then tie those cords together with our finishing stones and Pent! We don't have the Pent yet but we will!

This is exciting!