Wednesday, April 27, 2011


It has been decided that Lisa will be the first to get our wedding present done. Our artist is gifting us our wedding ink. We asked her about a year ago to design for us a tattoo that represents the two of us. She did and it is gorgeous! Lisa's getting hers on her back with vines and such to tie in her previous work. I'm getting mine done on my right arm but on my left arm, our artist is adding some of Lisa's work so it will be like we are combining our cultures.

I had made two appointments for my back project that I want complete before the wedding and then we had made a combined appointment for our wedding ink. We were supposed to have both of us get it done on the same day. However, because of Utah (long story - Lisa may be gone for 3 months), we may miss that appointment. And I'm sick all of a sudden so yeah...

SO! Long story short - Lisa's taking my first appointment to get her wedding ink.

And it's tomorrow! Can't wait!