Friday, August 5, 2011

Engagement Photos!

I posted these, well, we both did, on the book that is Face and I just realized that with our engagement shoot tomorrow, I forgot to post them all here! These are just a few. We'll be printing a book of them for the wedding to showcase both these - more family related and the ones from tomorrow - just us. They are two completely different themes. I love these Disneyland photos. Not only because our daughter took them but because we love that place. We also had our entire honor party with us.

And here they are!

This is our entire wedding honor party <3

Love me some silly!

Love this one because no one was on the bridge and the hearts were perfect.
Trying to work together or something like that. Haha!
We are goofy and we like it that way.
I love looking at her...
We ended up having to purchase two sets of pins. We gave the Mr and Mr to great friends of ours who are avid pin collectors!