Monday, August 22, 2011

Pasadena, oh be still my heart, an explanation of sorts...

I'm not sure if I explained this earlier so I'll just go ahead and explain it again. When L and I first started talking about getting married (gasp!), we talked about dates. She and I both, her more than me, have this thing about dates/numbers and their meanings. That being said, our discussions rapidly moved toward number combinations. Her favorite number is 6 and mine is 8.

See how fast that happened? :)

We tossed the idea of an August wedding but quickly put it aside because our youngest daughter's birthday is in August. That left June. We actually, truth be told, discussed other months. However, none of them worked out. January holds some special dates for L concerning her mom. February is Valentine's Day and since we don't really celebrate that one day because we believe it should be everyday, well that one was out too. March is our oldest daughter's birthday. April was okay but it was just blah, didn't really hit an oh yeah, April! button for us. May was, at the time, finals week for me (I used to teach). So that month was out too. July was a no also because we have July 4th - a date that holds meaning for my mom and I didn't want our wedding day associated with that. August - see above. September - our kids go back to school. October - now, I was stoked. This is one of my favorite times of the year! Samhain (Halloween) is my favorite holiday. I was so excited. That is, until L reminded me that we both have been married in October! Ha! AND my first wedding was on Halloween! Sheesh, the things our minds do. Anyway, November is our birthday month and of course, December is too busy for everyone so that left June. We do have birthdays and anniversaries in June. In fact, one of our honor attendants will celebrate her birthday just two days before our wedding. My sister will celebrate her wedding anniversary very close to the day. Plus, for those who celebrate Father's Day... you get the point.

So, June 8. 6/8 - perfect. Our original plan was to wait until our youngest was 18. Many people even asked... what was the point after that? Because it means something to us. Then, many decisions were made with the help of our teenager and voila! Our wedding date! June 8, 2012.

Now, you may be thinking 'what the hell is this woman going on and on about?' and even if you aren't, I'm going to explain anyway :)

Remember, way up there, at the beginning of this blog, I mentioned we have a thing with dates? Okay, here comes my point. We had a photographer that bailed on us. We searched for a new one and we found one that is a.m.a.z.i.n.g. She includes an engagement session and a book! Score! One thing, we already had an engagement session, photos courtesy of our teenager. Then we thought what the hell.

We schedule our date... guess what? On August 6th! Yes! How incredibly perfect is this???


Photos to follow :)