Sunday, September 11, 2011

Anti Flower Thingy Things :)

Hard to believe for some but we aren't having flowers at our wedding. We aren't carrying any and our Honor Party isn't either. Our venue is providing center piece roses and we're getting married and having our reception in a garden atmosphere... that's the extent of our flowers. Real or fake.

Despite the lack of flowers, we still felt the Party needed something with their color representing. And since we aren't too much of a fan of separating and distinguishing between 'THIS PERSON IS A MAN' and 'THIS PERSON IS A WOMAN', we decided to have the same thing for all of our party and the thought process went into action. Over a matter of months, we decided on the materials and then finally a design. We tried them out today, with the first one taking about two hours to complete. After we had them figured out, the other ones were put together without much fuss!

Here's how we did it...

First, we gathered out materials. This included the obvious like scissors, glue, tape, floral tape, etc. Then we got the 'sticks', ribbon, and butterflies. The glue buttons came with the butterflies.

The ribbon, glue, sticks, and floral tape were all bought at Michael's.
The butterflies arrive flat, so before we did anything else, we bent them, per instructions, and got them ready to be dot glued.

Then we cut the sticks because clearly, we didn't need nor did we want them that long :) We also taped them together with the ever sticky floral tape.

Once that was done (which, for the first one, took for-effing-ever), we tied the ribbon. And that took forever too! We tried one way then another and another and another, just to go back to the original way we had tried! Oi!

Then it was time for the butterflies... We picked three for each color for depth and awesomeness.  We also decided to place them just in random spots because well, we're random and it worked!

Once that was complete, we took the E-6000 glue that's supposed to be super bonding and glued the ribbon on the back. These will be attached to the clothing of said Honor Party with mini safety pins because really, who needs 50 corsage pins?

I don't, we don't. At. All.

Here are all of them :D

Aren't they fantastic?? I think so at least... It was a great feeling getting those done! They are already packed away, sweet and safe :D With just a little under 9 months to go, I think that's pretty rad that this is off our to do list. Yesssssssss!