Saturday, October 15, 2011

It's interesting...

Everyone knows about Prop 8. If you don't, you need to visit this website. Or this website. And you know, while you're at it, maybe you should visit this website. Actually, please visit them :)

Now that we've gotten that established...

Many of the blogs that I read about gay marriage do include children. I can't place them right at this moment and I wish I could. I remember reading about an 11 year old being interviewed about his parents right to marry. And a 16 year old and a 5 year old. There was a big consensus about how it felt knowing their parents were married. And also what it felt like to have that right denied to their parents.

As a parent, and this may seem odd, I never thought about this concerning my own children. They never brought it up and I didn't either. Even though Lisa and I have been together for almost 4 years, the idea of marriage didn't come up until just recently. Well, I think recently and I say so because there was a time when I was quite firm about not getting married again, as was Lisa. So, recent. Just go with it.

Then, Lisa and I started planning this wedding shindig and also our Handfasting. I remember reading books on them because we were planning from scratch and there was a chapter on kiddos. It said to remember to include them. I thought, well why wouldn't we include them? But the authors said include and I took the meaning as involve. They talked about discussing the act of the Handfasting with the kids and discussing what it means, etc. This is the part where I said, wow, I haven't done that. Yet.

One day, I sit down with the teenager and the chicken. We're having snacks or whatever and I asked them how they felt about Lisa and I getting Handfasted. First, there were many questions about what a handfasting actually was. I had that down and was able to answer all of their questions. Then came their one concern.

Was it legal, will you guys really be married?

Well, no. :/

Oh, when it be legal? Big sigh.... We don't know. Then they ran off and the conversation was over. 

Jump ahead a few months. The chicken still continues to say that Lisa is a part of the family but not officially. Not until we get married.

Isn't that interesting?