Friday, October 14, 2011

Save the Date!


Okay, I had to get that out of the way. I'm better now.

After weeks of trying to figure out how we are going to create our STD (I still get a kick out of that no matter how many times I write it), we decided we'd make a video. I suggested this because we just couldn't find a way to make a photo card 'US'. They were just too formal and too 'NOT US'. You know?

Anyway, after Lisa and I agreed on making a video, we set out planning it all. Boy, was that a disaster fun. We bought all these supplies for it because we were originally planning to be IN the video. You know, it's our wedding so it should be us, right?  I mean, if we had sent out a photo STD :) it would have been us.

So we're planning and we're planning and we're changing our planning and we're updating our planning. Now, a while ago, we had made a time line of events. We set up the dates for when we wanted certain things to happen. We are huge on numbers and how they connect and it's just another weird thing about us but we love it. For our STD's (ha!), we planned to send them out via email (that was always the plan because we wanted to be not only eco-friendly but budget-friendly as well) on October 8th. That gave people 8 months. Not too early but not too late because the wedding IS on a Friday and it IS in June and it IS in the vicinity of the beach. So that was our due date, if you will. We wanted them out the door or through the email - whatever - on October 8th.

Well... then we get an invite for Lisa's brother's wedding. And it's on October 8th in San Diego. Yay for brother's that are getting married. But holy shit! It's on the same day as our due date. Lisa says well, we'll just have to send them out on the 7th. I almost broke down in tears. I'm kid you not. I compromised and said can we puh-leaaaaaase send them in the morning on the 8th? Aren't those awesome compromising skills? And she said okay. Woo! Panic diverted.

The weekend before the 8th, I don't even remember what we did Friday and Saturday. However, Saturday night, I do remember looking at Lisa and saying - we have to film our STD (never.gets.old) tomorrow! Holy shit! What are we doing? Did we figure out what we're going to say?? What about the kids? How can we involve them? Seriously, it was hilarious.............

We didn't plan anything that night. It wasn't until the next morning that I asked Lisa if she was going to get ready for the video. She says pfft! I'm not getting in front of that camera! Only the kids! I was like oh! That's great. You know, you should let me into your head once in a while, might be helpful. She just smiled at me.

Filming of the girls ensued. They were great! We made a video that was about a minute and a half, I think shorter actually. It took several takes and it was a blast to make. Then we realized that it wouldn't be us if we didn't add bloopers so we did. Our video ended up being a second short of 4 minutes with over half of that being bloopers! Go us! I love it though. I'm so glad we made it. It's funny, heart warming and useful all at the same time. We even sent it out on time. Yes! Forget the fact that over half of our guests didn't receive it because it went to junk or spam or just didn't arrive and I had to send it out again. Shhhhh...

And then I realized that we didn't add "invitations to follow'. That doesn't matter though, right?? I mean, right?