Sunday, October 30, 2011

So sweet!

I used to teach at a college. I worked with a woman named Yvonne. We weren't incredibly close but we got along great! Each time we would pass each other in the office, we'd exchange hello's, how are you's and stories of how life had been since the last time we had seen each other. But again, just not too close. It wasn't until after I left that college and with by the power of Facebook that we became closer. Sounds odd but it's true. That is one reason why I enjoy social media.

So, we had lunch yesterday. We got to introduce our families to each other and hang out for a bit. It was so much fun and I truly hope we can do it again. You may be thinking... why am I posting this on my wedding blog? Welllllll....

This newly close friend of mine and her husband gave us this great gift for our engagement! No one has given us a gift. We didn't ask for them but still! How sweet! It was a wonderful surprise and we are so grateful. Not just for the thoughtfulness of the gift but for the friendship - most of all. :D