Thursday, November 24, 2011

Our rings

It's funny, you know, no one has asked us about our rings. I take that back. One person asked me if I wear a ring. I explained that we both wear the rings that we got engaged with and then we exchanged them at our handfasting. Then that conversation went into what is a handfasting and loads of questions erupted.

L and her brother experienced the loss of their mom when they were young. She had been married twice; her first husband passed away. She only wore two rings on her beautiful hands for the rest of her life. Her first wedding ring on her right hand and her wedding ring from their father on her left hand. When she passed away, these two rings were given to each of them. L received the ring her mom wore from her dad and L's brother received the ring from their mom's first marriage. After we got engaged, her brother soon got engaged. He just had his wedding last month. The ring he gave his bride when he proposed was a creation of his own but the center diamond was from his mom's ring. How romantic right??

Not long after we learned of this, L surprised me saying she wanted to do something similar with her ring. I thought she meant HER ring but she meant to use the diamond from her mom's ring for MY ring. I was so incredibly honored. I am honored.

We went to a local jeweler and looked at rings for quite some time. Each time we went in, these same two rings were there just calling to us. L isn't the type of person to be rushed into a decision so I had to wait until she said okay, let's do it. I don't mind... she had to wait for me to be ready to get all official and be married and everything. I can wait for her too :)

So we did it! Waaaaaaay back in January! Haha! We've figured out that if we drag out our payments, we can keep our rings safe at the shop until just a month before the wedding. Wanna hear the cool part?

No one except our littlest chicken has seen our rings! She is our Ring Ambassador so even more cool that she's the only one to have seen them. Everyone has seen our handfasting rings, of course. We've been wearing those for quite some time now. We once asked our oldest chicken if she wanted to go see them and she said no. I've asked our honor party of awesomeness if they want to see it and they all seemed not too interested. But whatever, I know it's more exciting to us than to everyone else. And I'm fine with that.

What I think is even more exciting is the fact that I've searched for similar rings and I cannot find ANYTHING! How cool is that? Our rings are THAT unique, made by hand by our local jeweler.

Anyway, they are all done. Sized. Engraved. Gorgeous. I.Cannot.Wait. :D