Sunday, November 27, 2011

Wedding Activity Books!

UPDATE! For better photos of the activity books, go here

We created our activity books for the reception! We finished and finalized the creation today and I am so excited! I can't print them yet because we need a pack of recycled paper. But it's okay! They are done!

We searched for creative motivation and came up with a few ideas we really liked. One book that we thought was totally bad ass was from Offbeat Bride. It had many of the same elements we were looking for in our own books. We wanted to have a good combination of easy, challenging, fun and well, US in the books. I do believe we accomplished just that! It isn't too long, just 8 pages and we plan on printing back to back so only 4 total. Our ceremony and reception are 4 hours total so our guests won't have too much time to play. We thought these were the perfect addition for the guests who don't dance or are tired or have little ones who need some fun too! We'll be placing these on our activity table that will also have crayons, pencils, multicolored dinosaur finger puppets, prisms, and glow sticks!

I hope our guests like them, we sure loved making them!

 Our cover page and coloring page. Butterflies are part of our over all theme. I would love to color these butterflies!
 People bingo! We grabbed this idea from that awesome book we saw on Offbeat Bride. We changed almost all of the wording though. And the scavenger hunt, we also borrowed but we changed everything as well to fit our venue.
 The maze is in the shape of an L! Hahaha! Oh the irony. Anyway... then the madlibs! We made it short and sweet. The answers are on the bottom of the page upside down for people who really want to know the answers.
This word search was a little bit of a pain. We couldn't get any of the download-able or the printable ones online to form correctly on our power point, so I just made it myself using the table feature. And because sign language is so important in our lives, we couldn't have an activity book without it!

So that's it! :D We love it!