Thursday, December 1, 2011

Just in case...

Our dear Prop 8 is in court again on December 8th, first at 2:30 then again at 3:30. We are anxious to see/hear what happens. With that said, we want to make sure our ceremony verbiage is correct. What if we created this beautiful ceremony just to discover that our wordage was wrong or not wrong but just didn't include the legal stuffing necessary?

I'll tell you... it would suck!

Needless to say, we are trying to figure out what that verbiage is so we can include in our ceremony. We are writing our own because the normal ceremony doesn't cut it for us. What's weird is that neither of us can remember what our ceremony's were when we were married before! They were quite some time ago though.

Anyhoo! I am on Offbeat Bride. I love that website. Today, while getting ready for work, my phone so lovingly notifies me that I have an email and it so happens it's from Offbeat Bride. I open my email and it says:

How to have a friend legally officiate your California wedding

I just about jumped for joy when I saw the title of the article! I know this sounds odd but you don't know how stressed I've been about this. This wedding is IT. I just want it to be right. And it will be... I would just like it legal also. Seeing that our officiant/friend has never performed a wedding before and she got ordained just for us (we are so grateful), I want to have it all figured out for her too. So she doesn't stress because she's nervous enough.

Oh my goodness... so back to Offbeat Bride. Here's the link to the article. It's good! I even commented :) Through that writing, I linked to a few sites about the legality of it all and I found a website for California specifically with all the Codes. I searched Civil Marriage and 10 different documents came up. From what I've read already, about 6 of them pertained to my interest. I've printed them because I want to read them. :) I know, I'm weird. Here's the link to my search. If you'd like to do your own search, please do! Then let me know if you find out anything :D

Want to hear something even more fun?! Wouldn't it be AWESOME if Prop 8 was cast aside on 12/8 exactly 6 months before our wedding on 6/8????