Thursday, December 8, 2011

Oh boy...

I am super emotional today.

What is today?

Well, not only is today the 6 month mark until the big day but it's also the day Prop 8 was back in court.

I think I finally decided on what I'm going to do as a gift for my lovely and I really hope it turns out well. I hope I have the time to do it. I certainly have the dedication and the desire, just need the time.

Speaking of time... as I said, 6 months from today. The scheduling for our duel bachelorette party is struggling. I almost think we should just forgo the whole thing. L had a great experience during her first wedding and just because I didn't doesn't mean we have to create one. I want to say that it's no big deal. I should say that, it's no big deal, let's just do lunch or dinner and that's it. Maybe that's the best idea yet! We'll see. I'm pretty sure a weekend get away isn't going to happen.

Speaking of the honor party of awesomeness.... I want to email them all and be all up in their business and say: Okay! We've backed off for the past year and a half. I know we've had a long engagement but now is the time to get this shit done! Yeah, I won't really do that because it's not me and it's not really how I feel. One of the best advice pieces I ever received was not only from some random bride but from L, herself.... this is OUR special day, not THEIRS. Let them have their lives while we have our own. At first, I struggled with this. I thought, this is a wedding for crying out loud!!!! Yeah, I'm way over that. I don't think I've talked about the wedding with any of them for quite some time. Only when I've absolutely had to. Well... they've got about one more month and then it's show time. I guess?

See why I'm emotional?