Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Hand wrapped and holy shit, it looks so good!

A while ago, we decided on our wedding jewelry. We ordered these great earrings but sadly, they were too big for both my ears and for sure L's ears. So they sat in their pretty gift box while we thought and thought of what to do with them. How could we incorporate them into our wedding?

I don't remember who came up with the idea but we decided we would turn these beautiful earrings into necklaces as gifts for my mom and L's cousin. Right on! No problem, L has a love of jewelry making. I'm not so good at it but she's fucking amazing. So L was in charge of making those gifts.

A few months go by and she's looked at a few you tube videos, she's bought the wire, we even got her a new tool set. She was hella excited about that! But still, not quite ready to sit down and make these gorgeous amethyst stones into elegant necklaces.

Then, the other day, she asks me... what can I do? I say, make the necklaces, let's get those off of our to do list! We have almost every gift made, purchased, and/or ready to be made except for those. Well, let me tell you... my girl just about knocked me out of my chair when she showed me her final result.

I am so proud of her and so very impressed! These are a.m.a.z.i.n.g. to say the least. ;-)

 So awesome!!! She did such a good job!!