Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Handfasting Cords for our Wedding

Not sure if you remember but L and I had our handfasting earlier this year, er, I mean, LAST year in May. Holy shit!

We made our cord together in a park in Temecula, CA. It was wonderful and romantic and perfectly us.

You can see our handfasting photos right here! :-D

As our wedding rapidly approaches, our to do list seems to get longer. And here I thought we were all prepared!

As in our handfasting, we are having a hand tying in our wedding ceremony. I created the cords made out of different material, each with it's own meaning. Together, L and I decided on what would be sewn on to them. We came up with a black bead, white bead and two of each, pink and blue. For anyone who is gay and/or Pagan, those colors will mean something.

We also decided that in the middle of the ribbons would be specific charms. We chose those with explicit intention. I took one night and sewed the cords. I liked them, showed them to L, she liked them and I put them away.

Then, I had a dream about them just recently and decided, I didn't like them at all. I took them out, took them all apart and re-did them. I re-sewed them and everything. The only one I didn't change was the last cord to be wrapped around our hands, which was the purple one.

I love them. L does too, which makes me think she didn't really like them before but neither here nor there! She loves this final submission and that's what counts.

 There are 6 separate cords. We have 5 people in our honor party of awesomeness. Each one will wear/carry their color. Then, when the time comes, they will each wrap our hands with their colors.

The final color, purple, will be held onto by our friend and officiant. She will place the final cord.

They turned out so well and their meanings are incredible.