Wednesday, January 18, 2012

I wasn't going to but I think I need to...

By the time L and I get married, we'll have been engaged for two full years. TWO FULL YEARS! That, my friends, is a long ass time. You know what though? I'm so glad we took our time on this. Here are some positives...
We got to take our time making decisions. We got the opportunity to research like nobody's effing business and then research again! I am okay with this because I like to research. Maybe, I should find a job researching?!? I digress...

I know we put things off. And by put things off, I mean we are known to wait until the last minute to do something we had plenty of time to do. L's nickname isn't Last Minute L for no good stinking reason! And I should have the exact same nickname. By having all of this time, it gave us the opportunity to put some things off. We gave ourselves specific deadlines and thus far, we've met them.

This wedding is going to be one badass party.

Ummm... I can't think of anything else. Oh yes... I get to marry the woman I love. :D

Okay, now. Yay for positives, yes? Yes, of course. But because we have this obsessive obsession with balance, we have experienced some negatives. I really don't want to number them out but sincerely, we are feeling these and it sucks.

It feels like our friends have forgotten us.

It's like NO ONE wants to ask 'how's wedding planning?' for fear that we will rope them into doing something or we'll bend their ear so goddamn much, they will actually lose their ability to function. We've sent the texts, emails, facebook messages, everything we can think of and every time it feels like we are bothering them. Maybe I shouldn't be talking to them about it? Should I be?

I'm not asking for people to jump in line to help me/us. I'm not asking for people to bend over backwards for anyone or anything. I haven't asked people to do this, ever.

Cue big sigh, shoulder shrug, and hold back tears.

What can you do except keep your head up, maybe cry a whole bunch and then, move on. We've got a wedding on the horizon. Hopefully, those friendships that seem lost right now will come back.