Friday, January 27, 2012

Mini May Poles, Gay Poles, or Wishing Wands?

100 ribbon wands, with bells, and I love them.
Many, many moons ago, we tried to figure out what we were going to use for our send offs. You know, when you are announced and you walk out and/or when you leave the reception? There's a 'thing' your guests do. Sometimes, it's rice, bird seed, bubbles, etc. Whatever floats your boat. We couldn't figure that part out. We went through so many ideas but some just weren't us (bubbles) and some were us but our venue wouldn't let us (sparklers). I saw these Yay Flags once and wanted them so bad! But it was going to cost us too much with how we wanted them done, so we x'd those out.

Theeeeeennnnn... I was perusing one of my fav sites, Etsy, and I saw ribbon wands. I brought the idea to L and she wasn't too much of a fan. Or maybe she was but none the less, the idea was x'd. Again. Plus, some of those wands were SO EXPENSIVE!

Finally, we thought, you know? People can just high five us as we leave. Nothing wrong with that and it's free! Decision made, done!

A few weeks ago, I mention to L... we still don't have a send off. She replies: What? Well, we need one! Yes! Time to implement my 'let's show her the ribbon wands again' plan! I did and she loved them! I saw a wedding that had a May Pole. So very Pagan and I thought, if I have ALL of the colors, it could be a representation of both of our cultures/communities. L agreed and I set out to create!

First things first... an interwebs search. I found the perfect instructions via this fabulous site. Seriously, it couldn't get any clearer or easier. I was stoked.

Below is my adventure.

36 inch dowels, I cut them into 12 inch pieces.
I got lucky that I wanted to make 100.
Funny, I thought this would be enough ribbon.
This is how much ribbon I needed.

I cut the ribbon at 26 inches. 
Bell, meet Dowel.
I attached the bell to the ring, then attached that to the eye screw.
Dowels were cut, eye screws were inserted.
Once I had cut all of that ribbon and it took a good long minute, I attached them to the dowels. I took one of each of the six colors, wound it through the ring and tied it somewhat in the middle. It was great fun! We're going to place them on the chairs for when the guests come in. That way, no need for yet another container of some sort to hold these.

Here's the first one. I love them.