Friday, January 6, 2012

The 'Oh Shit' Bag... Crocheted by Me!

See that bag? I made it! It is my first ever! It even has pockets! I am so excited about it because I've never done it before. I've crocheted plenty of blankets and scarfs and probably other stuff that I'm not remembering but never a BAG!

You know how you get an idea and you think, I can do that! And then you try and try and ugh, try even more and still, it just isn't going to work out?

Or maybe you get an idea and it does work out but not the way you originally planned?

OR perhaps sometimes, you get a crazy brained idea and IT FREAKING WORKS! 

This was a combination of all of that. I knew we needed a bag of some sort. There are two women for crying out loud. Plus, we have two daughters! Yeah, a bag/purse/satchel/something was needed.

I found a few patterns and combined a few elements from each because I just didn't like ONE. It's funny because the panels that became the pockets were actually the first two panels I made. So technically, they're my mistakes. However, I have this really cool dude that I work with and he came up with the idea of pockets. I sewed them in that very night. How cool?!?

It's uneven, wobbly, crooked, and so very rad! The colors look like fruity pepples (the cereal?) but in real life, the material has black undertones with rainbow color patterns. It could probably use a button but I'm not sure I'm brave enough to battle that challenge.

I like it :)