Tuesday, January 10, 2012

A positive view on wedding attire... It's about damn time!

Guess what I did today!?

*I* officially put down the deposit on my corset today! Today, I did that, TODAY. Can you believe it??? After MONTHS of planning and researching and looking at a GAZILLION corsets online, I finally was able to connect with someone who knew how to calm my anxiety about buying one online.

14 measurements and about 50 emails later, my custom sewn corset is now in the works! I am so excited, I can't even begin to explain.

I can't wait to get the swatches. They'll come in the mail in a week or so. OH MY GODDESS!!! :D

Friday evening, we meet with a gentleman, who has come highly recommended, to discuss L's top. She has particular taste... one of things I love about her... and we just could not find a shirt that caused her eyes to light up. So, I asked a friend of ours who had gone to school for fashion design if he could recommend someone for us. He did and we meet this Friday! How exciting is that???

He seems very cool and focused and serious. These are all very important factors to consider. He's also relatively inexpensive. I hope it turns out that way. I hope it goes GREAT and my L's eyes pop out of her head with excitement!

:D a hundred times over!