Thursday, February 23, 2012

Can I mail these suckers out already?

Our wedding invitations are DONE! As in sealed in the envelopes and have the postage already stamped! We're a bit eager... no, really, we're just really prepared! We knew we'd have very little time to get these done as it got closer to the mail date so we purposely started early. There were many steps to accomplish our intended goal and I'm happy to say, we love them! Thank goodness because there's no going back.

We originally had so many ideas floating about that it got overwhelming. One day, we were wandering aimlessly around Paper Source in Pasadena. We knew for sure that we wanted to use recycled paper as much as possible. We knew our colors and what we didn't want but just couldn't pin down what exactly we wanted. The problem is that we didn't have it in our budget to buy a whole bunch and try it all out. So, we did what we have often done and still do... we plopped ourselves down in the middle of the shop, on the floor and had ourselves a powwow. It took us about an hour, with almost every single employee on the clock asking us a gazillion times if we were okay or needed help, to decide on what we were going to do. But we did and it was pretty cool. We high-fived in the end.

Wording came next. We had collected a saying or two over time and figuring out how to put down what words were in our heads took no time at all. DESIGNING it on the paper to our satisfaction took a little longer. We had purchased one package of the paper we needed to try them out. Once we did that, we were ready to print and for real!


I had a little trouble printing but when I figured out that sometimes, I can be smarter than the machine, I finished them quickly enough. I ended up needing to tape each invitation paper to a regular 8.5x11 paper, print, untape, set aside to dry. And I did this for each invite and RSVP instruction card. Luckily, we only needed to print 60 of them, each.

Once the invites were printed, L went to work stamping. She hand stamped every single one. We only had one stamp because we couldn't find several of the same kind. She stamped all of the invites in one color, cleaned the stamp, stamped another color, cleaned the stamp, etc, for all six colors. I repeated the same process for our RSVP instruction cards but with a different stamp. Again, the process that we thought would take forever really didn't.

So! We had the invites, the RSVP instruction cards, we had everything in order, all of our parts. We were ready to put them together. Remember that trip to L's cousin's house to put together our programs? On that same day, we put together our invites.

We taped the invites to the folder, stuck the RSVP cards inside as well, added colorful butterfly cutouts (yes, our guests are going to hate us for this), folded it up, taped one of our favorite quotes around the whole thing and stuck them into the envelopes. I had already printed the addresses on the envelopes the night before. The very last step was stamping the back of the envelopes with our ink logo. That was hard because we're cool and got the wrong kind of ink. L did a great job with what she had. We just say they look rustic and that was totally the look we were going for. ;-)

I'm glad they are done and ready to go. That means when the time comes, we just have to drop them at the post office and that's it! Big stress off of our shoulders and a HUGE part of our DIY to-do list is complete! And we stayed within our budget. Win!

Our Invitation Ingredients
Just the invite. We thought it was important to show our guests we printed on recycled paper.
We are asking our guests to respond online so this is the instruction card :)
Yes, we used cutouts. I had to! I am sorry though, if any of our guests have to bust out the vacuum after opening them. :)
Our invite all wrapped up and pretty!
The quote is from Fools Rush In.
The back of the invitation envelopes. That's a stamp of our wedding ink :)

Aren't they great?! Yeah, we think so. Not bad for doing them all ourselves.