Monday, February 6, 2012

Featured on Monday Montage!

I am a member of Offbeat Bride and I get their emails daily. I love them! They are a prime source of inspiration for me, without a doubt. I love the site, the people, the purpose, everything. I read Ariel Meadow Stallings' book in two days. Shit, even L, who isn't an avid reader like me, read it in two days. It was that fun of a book.

Anyway... I adore Offbeat Bride. :)

I get an email today, as I do every Monday, and it's the Monday Montage! In case you are interested, this is what Monday Montage is: Every Monday, we kick of the week's inspiration with an orgy of delicious wedding porn, featuring some of our favorite images from our photo pool … plus some hot tasty Clicky Links.

Badass, right?

Do you remember how I crocheted our very own 'oh shit' bag? Weeellll, guess what?? It was included in Offbeat Bride's Monday Montage TODAY!

I am pretty stoked about it. :D