Monday, February 13, 2012

More Program Fun!

We got the pictures back from L's cousin. Again, I am so grateful for her and EVERYONE who helped us that day. We not only got our programs done but also put together our invitations (more on that later).

Do you see this ---> :D That's been my smile every time I think of our programs, see them, remember planning them and putting them together. Enjoy the photos!

From the left - my mom, our daughter, her boyfriend, me, and Laura (she designed these) Cutting, cutting, and cutting.

My lovely other, L and her twin cousins. See the Paper Source box? Yep, all of our paper materials came from there. L and the twins were actually putting together our invitations here. Opps! Couldn't resist her smile :)

Our youngest daughter munching on a carrot. After we cut the programs, we had her sort them on the floor according to color. L then picked the combos so that no two programs had the same colors.

Me and Laurza - CUTTING!! Does it ever end???

Hummus! With veggies! SO GOOD!

L, the twins, Laurza, and L's cousin (her house) putting them all together.

All done!

My lovely with our finished programs! :)