Thursday, February 9, 2012

Our Programs :)

Remember how I said I was a fan of Offbeat Bride? Well, guess where the inspiration to these program wheels came from? Yep! A fellow bride who got married last year, created her version of them and I just about fell over with love. I asked if I could use them for inspiration for ours and she said yes. Sooooo...

Programs: all prettied up!

These are our fabulous Program Wheels. They feature all of the people who are close to us and who will play, and have played thus far, a great role in our day and relationship. We will have a Vendor Appreciation thing at the wedding too but this program was not for those folks. These were for the people closet to us.

One of our Honor peeps, Laura, helped us out by designing this whole thing. I printed them out on card stock paper, all 100 of them. There are actually four different parts to this beautiful arrangement. Three of them needed to be printed, then cut, then put together.

First, our supplies. Sadly, I didn't take a picture of everything because I was busy cutting! But I do have a few.
This was 75 sheets of paper, all individually marked and cut in half with a paper cutter.
These took less time to measure out and cut because there were only 25 sheets! Whew!
This is the white cardstock we used for the moon shaped pockets. I cut them in half, just like the colored, textured cardstock. Here are the designs that Laura, L, and I came up with. 

The bottom is the top and the top is the inside. :) These are what were printed on the color paper.
This is the moon shaped layout. We cut them in half and had two per printed page.

The cover has our names and our wedding date. In the circle is a poem that I found that my grandmother had wrote years and years ago. When I asked L to marry me, I read her this poem. I cry almost every time I read it. The inside wheel has the names and their roles. The inspiration wheels had awesome names for everyone but we chose to just keep it simple. 

The wheels were randomly placed together so not one had the same color scheme. We attached them with brads, flipped them over and with my favorite tool ever, double sided tape, taped the moon shaped paper to the whole wheel. The whole process went pretty fast once these were all printed. We are so grateful to L's cousin for housing us for a few hours while a good handful of us cut, organized, put together, taped, and otherwise created these awesome programs.

Wish paper, hand stamped by L, for our guest book.
Inside the moon paper are these lovely cards that have been deemed wish paper. We'd like the guests to write us something, draw on it, or whatever they'd like. We have a really cool jar that's actually a candle lantern that will be set up for them to just drop them in when they are done! All around the venue will be crayons, pencils, and pens. Hopefully, we'll have enough! We plan to frame all of the wish papers we received so we can see them everyday.

So there they are! I think they turned out better than I imagined. Hope the guests love them too!