Monday, February 20, 2012

So guess what?

Everyone knows that L and I are wearing pants. In fact, it was so awesome when we finally decided on that because, as you also know, we battled that subject for a long, hot minute.

Fast forward to ordering my corset. Yay! We also settled on a design for L's blouse and contracted with an amazing designer/tailor/seamstress who is, well, designing and creating L's top.


About two weeks ago, we tried our pants on again, just to get excited all over again! Hehe! It was then that I realized I had a dilemma.

I asked everyone about it. They all joked and poked fun and I laughed along but I was really worried. I know it seems so super silly, but I was getting more and more worried about it the more I thought about it!

What's the problem? Well, my pants fit me at my waist. No problem. I'm wearing a corset that will fit closer to my hips. No problem.

Um, how am I going to go to the bathroom by myself? And if someone has to go with me, how do I go to the bathroom without having to at least halfway undo my corset and then redo (as in untie and retie)?

See the problem?

UGH! So, after much deliberation, L and I came up with a solution that we're pretty happy about. Remember when I got uber excited and bought a wedding dress online and then hated it? (Ha!) Well, I talked with the tailor who is creating L's blouse and he's going to save the day! He's going to take that dress and my pants and work his magic to make me a skirt to wear.

So, I'm back to a skirt. This means a whole bunch of things need to be adjusted and/or changed but it's going to be worth it to not have to worry about the whole bathroom issue. I mean, I know I'm going to be nervous and excited and well, I just don't go a whole day without traveling to the restroom. I think I pee more than anyone else I know. And I can't go without fluids for the day, as someone suggested I do.

I hope it works out. It has to, I have too many other things to focus my energies on than how I'm going to pee.

PS: Sorry for the TMI. :/