Friday, March 2, 2012

How could I forget!?

Last Sunday, my mom and L's cousin accompanied us on an adventure to our venue's open house. It was really for couples who haven't yet booked but because they had it set up like a wedding AND they were serving appetizers, we joined in. We kept mostly out of the way of the coordinators because we didn't want to take up time from the other couples. ANNNDDD we have our details appointment THIS Sunday (more on that one later) so we knew any questions we had could wait a week.

So I was feeling down and grumpy but once we started driving into Laguna Beach, I was so excited. My mom drove with me and L and her cousin drove in another car. So as we're driving, I'm describing to my mom what's around (she has central vision loss and can't see clearly). The more I got excited the more she got excited. It was fun. Apparently, in the car in front of us, L and her cousin were expressing their excitement too! A lot of Ohhh! and Look at that! and Wow! were happening.

L and I indulged in champagne and we all enjoyed the foods! They had shrimp things with pineapple and that was gross but my mom liked it. They had empanadas that were good. Won ton type things too that were yummy. They also had these small biscuit things that had salmon in them. Those were okay too. Nothing that was like OH MY GOODNESS let me eat that again and again but it's okay. Some were really good and those are what we'll pick for the guests. These will be served while we take our five minutes alone and during our 15 minutes of formal pictures. So I hope the guests like them! :)

We took some pictures that I hope you enjoy.


This is where the ceremony magick happens!
Possible place for us to walk down from. We'll see on Sunday!
View from the ceremony rocks. We will not have the chair covers and by June, the art wall will be up. 
L's cousin and my mom :)
Awesome space outside, possible for 'formal' photos.
This is where we went after the open house. It's the same local joint we'll go to for brunch the day after our wedding. 
They serve a wonderful variety of beer!
Outside seating only and really, when you're at the beach, do you want to be inside?
:) Exciting day!