Wednesday, March 21, 2012

My lovely other does it again!

We have had quite a list of DIY for this wedding. Our venue, while awesome, left little for us to decide upon. Thus, the long DIY to do list. While I have been doing my own stuff, L was in charge of a few things herself. You remember she made the jewelry for my mom and her cousin, right? Missed that? Well, here ya go! Go look, they are awesome!

One other project she was in charge of were the display signs for our card box that I'm making and our wish jar (for the cards from the programs).

Dude, when this chick sits down and focuses, she knocks it out of this world! I'm not really shocked, I'm impressed! And she does it to me every single time! Seriously, does this woman not have a talent? I'm not kidding, she is so great!

Here they are! She painted these!! The words too!

Here they are on their stands. Pretty damn amazing!