Thursday, March 29, 2012

Wedding Jewelry!

L and I are wearing very little jewelry. We aren't wearing anything in our hair, either. On our ears, we're wearing simple silver studs. But! To spruce it up a bit, we're adding ear cuffs. :)

One of L's ear cuffs. It's, of course, a butterfly. We were originally going to have butterflies in our hair but just could NOT decide on what they should look like. I finally found one I absolutely loved but the cost wasn't worth it. Not when it's that type of thing where you could go either way, you know?

These are our other cuffs. L is a monkey girl :) and I'm an owl. Her favorite animal are monkeys, thus the monkey girl title. Owls are one of my totems and I am in love with them. I'm not quite sure if I'll wear the monkey and she the owl or if we'll wear our own. Aren't they awesome!?!?! They are double sided so if they move on our ears, you'll still see the design!

We'll also be incorporating the owl and monkey on our card box. I'll blog about that very soon because it's all done and I just need to put it all together!

We are wearing matching bracelets and I'm not sure if it has a meaning behind it other than they are chakra colors/meanings to help us balance for the day and evening events. They also are very similar to the bracelets we gave our kids during our handfasting.

Our final adornment will be our necklaces. Our stone for the month we're getting married in is Amethyst. For our handfasting, our circlets we wore had center stones that were amethyst. Because we decided to not wear them for our wedding, we had to incorporate the stone some how. Our kids have their bracelets, like I said, that have the stone on them. But we didn't have anything. I couldn't believe how awesome these stones were that I had found. Once they were in our hands, it was like whoa! We love them. Love. Them.
This is L's necklace. She'll have the black satin cord. 

This is mine. I will wear a silver chain. I tried to use ribbon but it's too heavy! 

So, there it is! That's all of it. We like it. Simple but beautiful.