Thursday, March 22, 2012

What if no one comes?!?

Lately, I've felt so disconnected from everyone and everything. And everything wedding is sort of making me crazy. It shouldn't be but it is. We are totally on schedule and we're so on top of our DIY projects that I've found myself planning for more DIY! Someone seriously needs to stop me. Just one more project!!!

So, I'm reading a journal from a bride who is sad because she's getting No's on her RSVP's. Then I think to myself - why are you reading this??? So I stopped reading it and the comments that followed. But theeeeeen I really started thinking about this!

Here's why I'm concerned. We've both been married before. Her first wedding... a dream! My first wedding... a nightmare. We invited 75, planned for 50-60, 50 RSVP'd, 25 people showed up. Talk about lame and feeling like a loser and that is just one aspect about that wedding that caused a downward spiral into depression hell.

We have over our guest limit on our invite list. We know people won't be coming. I will expect their thank you but no.

How do I prepare myself for the No's that I don't expect?