Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Changes and Chances

I was on FB today. A friend of mine posted a picture of herself with her love and mentioned that it was the anniversary of the day they met. I commented and said happy anniversary. And then I realized that L and I met in April, too. Five years ago. Wow.

I hope I always remember how she looked that first day. Her hair was maybe a little shorter than shoulder length. Curly and colored all funky. Her smile lit up that room. She came in with confidence but with humility. She wore her purse over her shoulder. It was made of seat belts! She wore shorts and chucks. She must have gotten off of work early because after that, I only remember her in work clothes.

We met in a fingerspelling class at a local community college. Both of us had our BA's and I had already earned my MA. Why were we going back to school? Why there? Why ASL? Was it fate? Was it our destiny to meet each other? Did the Goddess put us there at just the right time in our lives? Or was it all just by chance?

Either way or whatever way or whatever the reason, I am so incredibly grateful. We met five years ago this month and our lives were eternally changed. Whatever course we were on before was altered just enough to allow us to come together.

It's been a ride, I'll tell you! Ups, downs, insides out and upside downs! But always together and always forward.

Being a gay/lesbian/queer couple that have both come from hetero marriages, we had some challenges and some were painful. All were necessary. I had children from my marriage and that situation required demanded a constant flow of nurturing love and patience. Things we, all four of us, all had to learn to do with each other. I think we are still learning because well, does anyone know what to do with children you've never had before? If you do, let us know! Through all of our trials and tribulations, our core, the very strength in us is there and unbending. We are a terrific family unit if I do say so myself! And we've worked hard to get here. 

Five years. Wow. Here's to the next five or fifty or to forever.
L... you are my heart.