Sunday, April 8, 2012

DIY Card Box!! Sooo excited!

Long post, sorry!

When we first started to figure out a card box, I searched EVERYTHING. No joke. No, really, I'm not kidding. I went through every possible wedding everything to get inspiration for a card box. It was rather exhausting.

I finally found two card boxes that I thought were so incredibly awesome that I had to convince L to let me DIY our own. You can see one of them here and the other one here. They are pretty amazing, still. I'm not as talented as those folks are so I had to keep our card box within my own limits. Plus, I wanted the books we chose to more about us and not just random books about love and relationships.

While discussing this, L's cousin - who lives in CT and works in a bookstore - offered to find us hard covers of the books we loved. How awesome is that?? Totally awesome! :D I sent her many titles and she found a great bunch of books. I was so pumped when they arrived.

Then the reality set in on the fact that I was going to have to cut into all of these books to make our card box look like the ones that held our inspiration. I realized that wasn't going to work out so we re-planned. Took off to Michael's and searched for an alternative. We found a shelf that we stained and flipped over so we don't need bookends. We also found a cardboard box book, it's like a fake book that opens and is empty inside. At first, we thought, why don't we buy 6 of these and paint them rainbow colors and create the box that way! But we really, really wanted to use the books that L's cousin had worked so hard to find and send us.

Below is what we came up with and I love it. I think it came out super great and it will be wonderful at the wedding. Because we only ended up using one book, the fake cardboard one, we'll have a basket under the table that will be hidden and my mom has volunteered to keep an eye out for us. If it gets too full, she's going to empty it out into the basket and then put it back. See? Easy!


For those of you that don't know, Owls are one of my totems and L has been a monkey girl for, well, forever. Thus, the monkey and the owl! Remember when I showed you our ear cuffs? :)

So, what happened from the initial inspiration to here? The center book is the hollow, cardboard book. It's not glued shut but I did cut out the top. Here's how I did it, in photo form :)

:D I love it. Thank you, Laurie. You are awesome! I hope you like it too!