Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Our Ring Book

This ring book is my baby. I knew from the very beginning of our engaged/planning state that how our rings would be carried would be in a book. I looked at a bunch of tutorials and took from them what I could do and what would work for our book and rings. And here's what I came up with.

First, I chose the book. And then, I read it. Then, I bought another used copy to use for the rings.

 Evan Wolfson heads up Freedom to Marry.

Next, I picked how many pages would need to be cut. I used big clips to hold the pages together and the other side of the book so when I cut into the pages it wouldn't move. I also marked the top page with a ruler to give me a guide as I was cutting.

Next, I took those pieces of the book that I had cut out and punched them with my butterfly cutout. I couldn't just throw away these pages, or even just recycle them. The butterflies will be laid out on our table at the reception. And yes, for the purpose of this photo, I sure did set up those butterflies that way. However, when I was punching them with my cutout gadget, I did not set those words up to come out like that. Thought that was pretty cool.

So I put those away and pulled out my ribbon and a long line of hemp twine. I originally was going to tie the hemp around the pages with the bulk of it inside the book with the rings. Then I was going to tie the ribbon with the bulk of it outside the book. I didn't like that once I started it.

It didn't look bad, I just didn't like the flow. I decided to have the ribbon be flush with the pages. I glued them, using a hot glue gun. I ran the hemp under the two center colors and those will tie the rings nice and snug. Finally, I went to glue the remaining pages together when my glue gun attacked my finger and I had to put it in time out. :) Instead, I used double sided tape. Yes, I really did. It worked beautifully.

I think it's going to be amazing once we get our rings in there. Can't wait!