Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Did that really just happen?

Today has been an unimaginable roller coaster of emotions. Seriously from the moment we woke up and it hasn't stopped.

That scariest part of today though happened at about 9:30 this morning. And to explain, I must go back a bit. Bear with me.

A few weeks ago, L and I got our final payment notice from our venue. We were really excited and we were sort of nervous as well. I mean this is IT! There's no going back after this. Guest count is FINAL, ya hear?? No switching. No adding. No taking away. Well, I guess we still could, technically, we just have to pay for it. Anyway, we were excited because we were finally able to close that part of our to do list down. And don't even get me started on our to do list. It's big and rules our lives right about now.

Originally, we had given them a certain amount. But we had to change it. No big deal. We get all that information together and I email them to let them know. And then we wait. And we keep waiting. Nothing. Nothing.

Nothing. A week goes by and we still haven't heard anything. I think this is odd because our venue and the coordinator we've been working with has been AMAZING and she still is. But it's weird we haven't heard from her, so I email her. And I call her just to be safe. Our payment is due by this Friday and if it's late blah blah blah. You know the drill. This was yesterday.

This morning, after a tear filled, emotional ride getting everyone out the door, I get an email from another coordinator from our venue that contradicts everything we've discussed with the coordinator we've been working with!!! I read it on my phone and started to write back on my phone, then thought better of it. And I'm glad I did. As I got to my computer to write her back, with words that were probably not so very nice, the (we'll call her #2) coordinator calls me.

Kudos to her! She remained calm, wasn't snotty or rude, wasn't condescending either, which I greatly appreciate. She also wasn't, what's the word... she didn't just bow down to me as a bride that was freaking out. Does that make sense?

We handled everything and the crisis was diverted. Whew!

Holy shit was I ready to tear somebody's head off. And it was only 10:00 in the morning! I could have cried and yelled but I didn't. I kept my cool and I am really proud of that. That was really scary though. I wish I could recommend to them to not do that to people so close to their wedding dates.