Thursday, May 3, 2012

Gifts for the wedding peeps!

A long time ago, L and I decided we'd all wear Chucks for the wedding. And because the shoes are or can be hella expensive, we thought we'd gift them to our honor party. For us, that meant ordering only three more pairs of shoes because out of the seven that is the entire group, four of them are us and our daughters. So we didn't think it would be too expensive. Well, yeah. We worked that out though buying on sale and such. No worries.

Once the planning really got under way, we decided we were going to give the girls (our daughters) rings during the ceremony. We're exchanging rings, why not do so with our girls too? That is another gift for them too. I love the idea, I love the rings, they fit them perfectly. It's just awesome.

However, that left no other gifts for the rest of the honor party. Each one of them has helped us in one way. Designed the programs. Helped put together the wishing wands. And is tying my corset. And of course, they are taking us to dinner, a drag show, and paying for our hotel so we don't have to go home that night. (Did I mention this shindig is happening THIS Saturday and I CANNOT WAIT?)

We will be giving them their gifts that night. I'm pretty excited. I found patterns and printed them on transfer paper then ironed them to embroidery paper. Then, I picked the colors and off I went. They went pretty quickly once I got into the groove. I like them. Hope they do too. I picked the designs specifically for them and their likes/tastes/interests.

This is the first one I did. The honoree loves dress forms.
This is the second one I finished. The honoree is a sign language interpreter.
This is the third one I did. The honoree loves ICanHasCheeseburger!
This is them in their frames. I got super lucky because they all ended up being 8x10!
I hope they like them. A lot of effort went into them. And a lot of love too.