Monday, May 7, 2012

Our rings! Or at least the box.

As you all are aware, our younger daughter is the only person who has seen our rings. We would normally make a payment towards our rings and then pick up our kiddos. Well, that day, we had to pick her up first, then go make a payment. Because she got to see them, we asked about to see if anyone else wanted to see them. If you've read my post about our rings, they are pretty special. Guess what? Everyone said no. No thanks, I'll see them at the wedding. No, it's okay. Hmm, okay.

The other day, we made our final payment and we brought our rings HOME! Yes, we have them. They are gorgeous. I love them. Oh my goddess, they are so beautiful. I can't believe we are going to be wearing those rings in just a month.


Anyway... sorry, rant.

We come home, elated. We're on cloud 9. My mom says, 'So I get to see the rings, right?' And I said, no mom, sorry! No one gets to see them. And she FLIPS out!! 'But I'm the MOTHER!!', she says. I think she actually stomped her foot.

What is so interesting is NO ONE else cares! Oh well, I do. L does. Apparently, my mom does too. Well, they only have a month to go! Woo!

Here's a preview... a teaser. ;-)

They are IN this BOX! So exciting!