Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Our version of the Ketubah

A few months ago, or maybe it was even JUST a month ago (my brain feels like mush), a friend of mine posted that she and her soon to be wife were going to have a Ketubah at their wedding. I thought, yes! This is exactly what I had just been talking to L about. I wanted something that we could ceremoniously sign at the wedding since we don't get the privilege of signing a marriage license and we all of our legal documents won't be ready to go by wedding time. We are also incorporating the tradition of Yuhid (private time right after the ceremony and before the pictures). I thought it was perfect.

I set out for inspiration. Pinterest. Offbeat Bride. Internet. The search was on. I quickly found that these babies are extremely expensive. If we had put it into our budget originally, it might not have come at such a shock but I was not expecting them to cause my arm to fall off to pay for them. I was disappointed at first but then started thinking about the artistic people we knew and loved. Who could we ask to do this for us? We ended up asking one person but shortly after, withdrew our request. He just seemed too stressed out and it didn't seem fair. Then I realized - duh - my woman is artistic! She's super talented! If she could paint it, I can add the wording.

That's exactly what we did. We bought a big canvas at Michael's because we had a 40% off coupon. She used brushes and paint we already had. All of the paint was water based and that worked out well. I wrote the contract based off of several different contracts I had seen online. L and I modified it to what was important to us. Then, I took two lines from the contract and translated it into Theban. Although Hebrew is in my heritage, Theban is a part of both of our spiritual cultures so we chose that one instead. I didn't use too much of it though and I like it that way. I did purchase paper to paper mod podge and that was not a good choice. I ended up making my own mod podge (Elmer's glue and water, equal parts, mixed together) and that worked better. The problem was that my paper was too thick. When I glued it to the canvas it stood out TOO much and looked well, ugly. So I researched other options and discovered how to print on tissue paper. That took more than a hot minute to figure out. My printer was not happy with me, at all. None the less, I got it to work. I glued it on and it's still noticeable that the paper is so very different than the canvas. What I wish I would have done different is mod podge the entire canvas and then have L paint it. I could have feathered the paper a bit more to blend it with the canvas. I couldn't do that after she had painted because the mod podge caused the paint to run. You know what? It's done. It looks great. L did a fantastic job painting it. :)

Here is the wording:
We'll be reading it and signing it right before the ceremony. When we move to our new house, we'll be hanging it up some where awesome.

Here it is all complete and with the wording up close with the Theban. :D