Monday, June 4, 2012

Four Days To Go!

We are in our final week. I cannot believe we are here. To be honest, I am stressed the eff out. I'm shaking. My stomach is in a ball of nerves and fire. I feel like I need to eat but NOTHING sounds appealing, AT ALL. Like not even my normal water intake sounds good. I usually drink up to 4 liters of water a day. But lately... I don't want to drink anything. Except wine, perhaps. Ha!

I'm sure everything will work out. It has to because that's what everyone is telling me. You know, I don't mind that. I really don't. But I feel like I can't vent. I can't have any freak out moments or stressed out moments because the person I'm stressing to will just say: it will all work out.

I sort of verbally vomited on a friend of mine last week when she said that to me. Sorry T but thank you so much for listening!!!

It's kind of funny in a stressed out sort of way, when I think back two years ago. Even 4 months ago. I thought - shit! I need more projects! I'm going to run out of things to do! I WAS INSANE.

We have four days and you wouldn't believe what we have to do in those four days. But guess what?? I don't have to worry at all! Why, you ask?


Yes, it will! It's called Wedding Zen. It's called Wedding Magick. It's called 'putting it out into the universe' that our day will be fucking incredible. I believe it will be and I can't wait.