Wednesday, July 11, 2012


An all time favorite blog of mine is called On A Bicycle Built For Two. Tracey, the author of the blog, posts engagement sessions, weddings, and gorgeous expressions of love. And all from the LGBT community. When we were planning our wedding, this blog was visited everyday. What am I saying, I still go there everyday. Regardless of my obsession interest in the love that is posted, this blog was so important, it played such an integral part for me during planning. See, we couldn't find many examples of what we would be representing. There were loads of straight couples and their weddings and traditional weddings and and and! They were all great in their own right. But they didn't help us with our vision. They didn't help us feel included or that our wedding was an actual wedding. This blog, and Tracey's dedication to providing that, did.

I submitted our engagement session a while ago and it got featured. :D

Today, Tracey posted our wedding which was submitted by Karen, our photographer.

Karen had such wonderful words to share and I am so grateful to her, for her. I truly hope we remain friends for time to come.

Thank you, Tracey! Thank you for being excited about our wedding and for posting it. I hope it provides inspiration to others as all the weddings, engagements, and love that you posted did for us.