Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Honeymoon, Part 2

The best sandwiches, ever.
Quite possibly a little TMI. Be aware. 

Sunday morning, we wake up in just the nick of time before our breakfast was delivered. I think it's funny to imagine what the woman who brought the tray was thinking. Who knows? But the look she had on her face each day were a mixture of 'huh?' and 'there are two of you?' and 'are you twins?'. You wouldn't believe how many times L and I get asked that. It's that or are you sisters. One of these days... I mean, I guess we have similar features but come on! We behave like a couple.

I digress.

Sunday! As we get ready to eat, L says 'oh my god, my thighs are so sore!' I respond with, 'wasn't me!'. ;-) But really, her thighs were sore and my calves were on fire. Hers from dancing at the wedding and mine were from jumping up on my tip toes to kiss and hug people so I wouldn't get my make up on anyone's awesome clothes! We looked like we had aged about 20 years over night with the way we were walking around our room. Regardless, we had a city to explore!

After breakfast, we got ready and headed out. One of the coolest thing about Carmel is the size. The entire city is 1 square mile. We parked the night before and didn't use our car until we left. We walked everywhere. It was incredible.

The first thing we set out to do was pick up our wine passes, which was one of the gifts we received. These passes were pretty cool. They gave us the opportunity to visit seven different tasting rooms. Now, in Carmel, there are way more than seven. I have never been wine tasting and L had only been once. Having the set places made it easier because it could get overwhelming. And expensive. I'm glad we got the passes because it probably saved us a shit ton. 

We walked about a bit after that. Went shopping a little. I realized that I didn't bring enough tampons. What? Yeah. Off we went in search of a drug store of some type. We found one and it was fancy! We could have bought shirts, shoes, really expensive jewelry, and so much more at this place! By the way, there are NO such places as CVS, Rite Aid, or any other cheap drug store in Carmel. Pack accordingly.

Now, we're hungry. Remember when we had arrived, the manager at our B&B gave us a place? We decided to go there. Dametra Cafe. Oh my goodness. See those sandwiches up there? That's what we ate! SO GOOD! We also had wine with our meal, of course. We didn't want to eat too much because we had plans that afternoon. We boxed up the rest and put it in our fridge in our room.

Another gift we received was a one hour long tandem massage. Real quick. L really enjoys LOVES getting a massage. We've had many attempts to get them together and she always comes out feeling great! I, on the other hand, do not. But I had to try again because it's our HONEYMOON. I decided to be real explicit. I need this type of pressure, not THIS type and I'm on my period, don't mess with me. :D The ladies there were fantastic! We left afterwards feeling so great.

And now, it's the perfect time to get ready and go wine tasting before dinner! Our first stop happened to be the tasting room for the restaurant we were dinning at, Little Napoli. How perfect! While we are sipping our wine, L sees a shirt on sale and insists that it be purchased for me. It says: So Italian, So Intense. :)

First wine tasting done! On to dinner!
Best Italian Food!

I'm getting hungry! More to come!