Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Honeymoon, Part 3

So I've been in a funk lately. It feels like our unpacking is going in super slow motion. Blah... Also, we recently got some news that's just hitting me really awkwardly. Those things are really messing with my mojo.

However, awesome news! A few of our wedding pictures got featured on Offbeat Bride Monday Montage. That was cool to see. We've been featured there a few times. They spelled my username wrong so the link to ME didn't work, but who cares!?

On to the lovely memories that were the Honeymoon! Day 3! Again, quite possibly some TMI.

We really hit the wine tasting rooms on this day. To be honest, if we hadn't have been walking everywhere and drinking tons of water, we probably would have easily been wasted the entire trip. Lucky for us, we weren't and we have these fabulous memories to share with you! (Insert cheesy grin!)

This was also the day that I realized my uterus was out to kill me. :/

Here's a picture of us on our last wine room. I wish we would have taken pictures of all of the places but alas, we only got the last one. This also happened to be the day we left Carmel but pretend you don't notice the outfits are different. :)
 Another place we went to was The Cheese Shop. I loved this place! The owner spent about two hours with us and we opted for an additional wine and cheese pairing. Couldn't help it! Who doesn't like wine with their cheese!? We bought a few pieces of cheese and the wine we liked the best from here. That's what we ended up eating for dinner on our last night! Ha!
So, we're here, all is well. We leave here, head to another wine tasting room, this would be our third one for the day thus far! We are having a blast! We are finishing up our last glass of wine and I ask the server if she has a bathroom. No, but there's one just a block up where we JUST were, by The Cheese Shop. Okay, no big deal, we'll just walk back. As we get closer to the plaza that has the bathroom, I feel like I'm really sweating! It's warm but it's for sure not hot. But man, I was sweatin! Did I mention I was wearing a skirt? Yeah.

We get to the elevator and I just happen to lift my skirt a bit to get some air (!!!) and that is when we realized it wasn't sweat. Down my legs, all the way to my shoes. :( You want to know the awesome part? I didn't get my skirt dirty! The bathroom looked like a murder scene and I'm really glad security wasn't called because of the mess I was making and/or had made from the elevator to the bathroom. We spent a good half hour to 40 minutes in that bathroom. And remember those tampons we bought? I went through the box, an 18 count box of super plus, in three days. Worst.Period.Of.My.Life.

Everything is good, we schedule bathroom breaks every hour and a half, just to be safe and thank the gods we did. We still had fun. Walked around some of the shops, went shopping while I popped Advil like it was candy! :)
Isn't she beautiful?
We head back to our room just in time for the wine and cheese hour. There were two other couples enjoying the free flowing wine and they were druuunnnk. So fun though. We laughed and cheers'd with them. It was nice. They kept hassling us to stay and hang out with them but we had dinner reservations for Casanova! Supposedly the most romantic place in Carmel.

Here's our dinner and us!
Ribeye steak, asparagus, and mashed potatoes. YUM!


My wife

It was an amazing meal and our most expensive! When the menu says Par Deux, it really means you are buying a meal for each of you, NOT a meal for you to share. FYI. Always read the menus carefully and ask when you are confused. It will save you money. :)

And there's still more to come! :D