Thursday, July 19, 2012

Honeymoon, Part 4

Oh my goodness, where have I been?? These last few posts should come quickly. I want to get to the wedding! :D This post has loads of pictures for your viewing pleasure.

Where were we??? Oh right.
Tuesday morning we wake up fairly early. We want to be ready to go by the time breakfast comes so we can eat and be on our way. We have a scheduled city tour at 10:00. The woman who I had booked the walking tour with was not actually there, I was bummed. However, we did get a woman who was pretty awesome in her own right.

Our walking tour was two hours. We had an emergency begging situation to use a bathroom, thanks to my ever impressive uterus, but other than that, we had a grand time. We got to learn about the history of the city and the lady had an awesome accent.

Another gift we received was lunch at this beautiful place, called Porta Bella. We ate outside and ordered wine and appetizers. They were the size of full meals. No joke.

After we ate, we decided our trip would not be complete without seeing the beach! So we headed down there. Walking down, no big deal. Walking up... we took a few breaks which seems to be a theme as there were benches along the way!

When we made it back up that hill, huffing and puffing (not really), we decided to go back to our B&B and just chill there. So we did. We enjoyed the wine and cheese hang out. It was just us and the managers and we took a bunch of fun pictures. We had cheese from The Cheese Shop for dinner and just relaxed knowing it was our last night there. Was it sad? Sure! But we knew we still had loads of adventure awaiting us!

Stay tuned and enjoy the photos! :)  

Big cheesy grin to set us off!
Yes, Clint Eastwood was Mayor. In the 80's.

Beautiful fountains like this were everywhere.
Look at my beautiful wife. :)
She forced me. Ha!
This is one tree.
Clint Eastwood's gig. We heard the food was bad.
Inside the place is cool but all I see is a really big butt.
One of the BEST shops we saw here. Bookstore (of course) and a metaphysical place, too.
This statue has been there for years! It's called Be My Valentine. Can you see the heart?

We scared a woman by asking her husband to take this picture for us. He was kind, though.
Where we ate lunch after our walk. Porta Bella. SO YUM!
Look how pretty it is! We ate right there! I'm sure we're in a ton of people's photos.
We walked to the beach after lunch. Trees are enormous and beautiful.