Saturday, July 21, 2012

Honeymoon, Part 5

I swear it's just this one, ONE more and then I'm done. With the honeymoon at least. And are you not enjoying all of this? ;-) Once again, pictures galore for you to peruse and enjoy.

Here we are, our last day in Carmel. We had one last wine tasting room to go to (remember that picture?) and it was such a nice day out. We spent most of it walking about enjoying the city. And we got sunburns on our scalps to prove it. Our last meal (sounds like we're dying, I know) was at this cafe that was in a shopping area. It had soup and sandwiches, all of them looked amazing. Here's our food. We ate everything but the chips which happen to not be in this photo. HA! Anyway, it was yummy. :)
Avocados for the win!
We took off at about 3:00 in the afternoon and because we knew we were stopping in Santa Barbara for the night, we took Highway One. I had never been on this windy, vomit inducing, beautiful stretch of road before and it was a special treat. It was GORGEOUS and I took a TON of photos. I like photography, what can I say?

I have to say it was so nice to casually spend the afternoon driving with my wife. There was no rush. It was just lovely. Here are a few of the pictures we took on our drive.
She snagged one! I wasn't prepared.
It was pretty windy up there.
I took this while L was driving.
Another while driving, all of the trees were the same height.
OMG so pretty!!
We did stop once to eat, about two hours from Santa Barbara. It was a place called... oh, something with a donkey. The food was alright but the wine was gross. It was like a bottle she had left open for too long. But it had cool art in the bathroom and we got the pleasure of listening to a group of women console and advise their friend on men and relationships. It was interesting.

We get to our hotel. The best thing about this place? The fire alarms work really well. We had to rip ours off the wall and take the battery out so we could sleep or shower or stand there. Ugh. It wasn't all that bad and I will stay here again if it's a one night thing. The shower sucked so that would be the only reason I wouldn't have us stay longer. The day we head to home-home, we went to the pier because well, how often are we going to be in Santa Barbara?? The weather was perfect (for me, at least) and it was great to walk around. We just absorbed the beauty that was surrounding us. I know that sounds cheesy and I'm okay with that. :)
My beautiful wife on the pier.
I went to the edge. And it was cold.
Big grins for the win!
As we drove down, the weather got hotter and hotter. The traffic started to suck ass, too. Funny thing... we leave for our honeymoon and it's LA Pride. We come back from our honeymoon and ironically, it's the same day the Kings were being celebrated in LA for winning the Cup. Traffic gods were not on our side or we planned horribly. Either way, we spent a good deal of time in LA on our way up and down.

One reason we were stuck in traffic has to do with a new tradition L and I had begun a while ago. The day we were coming back was the best day to continue that tradition. As we were driving, our conversation went something like this:

Me: I have a proposition.
L: I already married you.
Me: (big smile) Remember our tradition we started? Want to do it now?
L: YES! Take the 5!

Little did I know the 5 was a parking lot. But it was cool. We spent a lot of time singing, talking, and just being together. That was something we both knew was going to be hard to get once we got back.