Monday, July 23, 2012

Honeymoon, Part 6


So that tradition... did you guess it has something to do with Disney?? Well, you should have. :) Below is the picture of our first trip to Disneyland together. December 14, 2007. One of the best days of my life. 

 When we got engaged, we had one session of engagement photos taken at Disneyland, of course! And this pose was a must. We took it on May 11, 2011.

Once we were deep into planning for the wedding (mostly after the Handfasting had happened), we thought it would be a neat tradition if every year on our anniversary we'd go to Disneyland and have this photo taken of us. Sooooooo... our detour onto the 5 was to head to Disneyland!!!

We took our sign that our good friend had made for us and headed to the front gate. Well, we were stopped short by security who said our sign was too big. They have a limit, you know? I didn't. It has to be 8x10 and that's it. Well, next year, we'll be prepared. The woman there wanted to make absolutely sure we couldn't go in or to see if maybe, just maybe, we could. We were Just Married after all. The lead comes over and we are introduced. We start our story of this tradition we wanted to start and we only want to take the photo and that's it. It doesn't look like she's buying it but then...

She calls over a man by the name of Adam. He is beside himself. He was thrilled to help us because he is gay, too! That and he was so proud of us and wanted us to have THE BEST EXPERIENCE. And it was.
For our wedding :) Photo taken June 14, 2012
We didn't have to use our passes, he got us in like we were VIP's. He stopped everyone from taking photos and asked the photo cast member to take photos for us. We got to use our camera and it was just awesome. So, so awesome. We got BIG hugs from the photographer and from Adam and then we left. We headed to Marceline's Confectionery in Downtown Disney.

Oh yes, we did. You know those caramel apples they make there? If you don't, Google Image search for Disney Caramel Apples. YUM!

Way back when World of Color came out, Disney started making these rainbow caramel apples. We had always wanted to try one but could never justify the cost. Yes, the cost. Even with our AP discount that apple cost way more than we would normally pay for an apple. ANYWAY...

We bought the apple.

Then we went into a nice shaded, indoor area with AC. It was hot. Downtown Disney is adjacent to the Grand Californian. Amazing hotel!!! I've only stayed here once. Amazing. So we're sitting in the hallway because it's cool and it had two chairs with a table between them.

First, we took a few photos. 

Yay for rainbow decorated apples!
Our sign with our apple! Isn't it perfect?
Let's eat it!
A close up of our very expensive but oh so worth it rainbow colored caramel apple.
Then, we ate the shit out of it.
It was messy.
It was delicious.
And it was gone.
Yum. I think the key is having the apple be room temp.

Now that we were done making a mess, it was time to go. We were anxious to see our chickens and my mom. And to just be home. The following day we were getting up early and getting the keys to our 'new to us' house. That is a whole other story that I will share another time.

We drove up, the three of them waiting for us outside, and this was waiting for us in our room.
How cool is that to come home to?? After about a half hour of tiny stories about stinky cheese, my crazy uterus, and the gifts we got for them, we were ready to crash. And so we did, ending our fabulous 5 day get away.

It's funny, when someone would ask us where we were going for our honeymoon, L would always answer: 'oh, just a short trip up the coast.' I always thought, holy shit, 5 days is a short trip?? What's a long trip?

Whatever the label for the time spent, it was the best time spent.