Wednesday, August 8, 2012

THE day! 6.8.12

How ironic that I'm writing about the wedding day and today, it's been two months! :D

I woke up before anyone else and very early. I wasn't surprised by this. What did surprise me was the overwhelming sense of calm I felt. Even the night before, I was so super calm. Everyone kept asking me if I was alright and I was. L was feeling it too. It was eerie but nice.

I was showered and pacing before anyone else fluttered their eyes open. You may be thinking right now, how can she be calm and be pacing? Well, I'll tell you!

Before we had left, L and I made a schedule. We typed it and printed out an outrageous amount of copies. Like 6. We put some in each room for everyone to have access to. It was really just a guideline, almost like The Code. It was not meant to be followed word for word and time for time. Just to keep us on track.

And now, back to my pacing. Because I was awake and showered before the sun, I was pacing because I had NOTHING to do for HOURS. I didn't think I was going to need something to do so I didn't pack anything for me to do in the waiting hours. I forgot that L gave me a book, my favorite book, and I could have read but I just couldn't keep still long enough. I suppose I was nervous but I think I was just taking the day in. I mean THIS WAS IT. We were finally here. There were to be no other trials, practice, rehearsals, or let's see if this works. Wedding day was in motion.

I also wasn't allowed to do anything. L wasn't either. However, she got out of her room somehow. She's like peace bitches, I'm going to the store. While I was stuck in my room, she was gallivanting in the grocery store! As I'm sitting in my room, waiting, my phone rings. It's my wife! She's not supposed to be calling me! :) We sneaked one in! It was just about food anyway. Hung up and went back to pacing. Besides, my feet were freezing so the walking back and forth in our 10 ft x 10 ft room was helpful.

We ate, we relaxed, we chatted. Everything seemed to be going so smoothly!

In the days leading up to the wedding, we had a few people text and/or write and say they weren't able to come. I didn't expect to get those notices ON the day but we did. And what are you going to do? Brood? No. You accept and move on.

Back to smooth! Or so we thought...

So we're waiting, and we're waiting, and we're waiting............ finally, our awesome make up person arrives! It is TIME to get this show on the road! Now, remember how we had nothing what so ever to do while we were waiting? Yeah, now, all of a sudden, we have SO MUCH to do and start rushing! What the hell? I think I forgot that I was in charge of both of the girls' hair and one of their make up. And after I did her make up, she was getting her hair done, there was a slip, and a small touch to her forehead which caused all of the previously done make up to need a heavy re-touch. I guess heavy is too much. She is only 9 - but she'll be 10 in two days!!! Basically, while I was supposed to be getting my make up done, I was in the other room trying to calm down the 9 year old who was crying and simultaneously calm down the 17 year old who was yelling because she didn't think she actually touched her and if she would just stop moving! And all of this is happening in my room while L is in her room, still waiting.

Getting my make up done was real fun. I love make up so it was such a treat for me. :) Plus, the woman who did our make up is an old friend of L's and she gifted our make up to us. On top of that, she had another wedding the next day up North and had to be in the airport at 4:00am! I think we were still partying in our room (ugh, don't remind me of that hangover) at 4:00am. She is awesome. As I was getting my make up done, the honor party was slowing getting dressed and ready to go. It was SO COOL to see them come into the room I was in all dressed up and looking fine! My heart felt like it was going to beat out of my chest.

All day long, when either of us started to go outside, the honor party would yell "Bride on the move!" It was hilarious. With my make up done, I had to go into the room that L was in to get my hair done. And likewise, she had to go into the room I was just in. So operation Bride Switch was put into action! L had to go into one room, while I quickly went into the other room. Only when the door was closed and the blinds were covered was L able to go to the other room. I think this was super fun and sweet. The honor party really stepped it up that weekend.

Now we're on to hair. Wow. That's all I can say. In a good way! Don't worry!

I can't wait to see the video of the corset tying. Oh boy. It was fun, but I was nervous. I don't have a high self esteem so my body image is low. I was afraid of everything. As long as I didn't look in a mirror, I was good. That's hard to do on your wedding day!

So I'm all dressed but we seem to be rushing like we're running out of time. We're supposed to leave at separate times and when I left, L was still getting her hair done! We were laaaaaate! And after all that time of pacing!

I wish we had a picture of the first ride to the park in my corset. Oh. My. Goodness. That was tough. I wonder if I looked as uncomfortable as I was.

To be continued... but before I sign off...

Happy two months to my lovely wife. Eye El Why.