Thursday, August 2, 2012

The wedding, in parts. Yes, in parts.

Finally! Right?? Yes. Sorry for the delay. Onward, ho!

What can I say? Do you want details?? Photos? My very intimate emotional response? I think that would take me a million years to write. I'll sum up.

It was wedding magick. The end.


We left for Laguna on Thursday, June 7th. We left packed, on time, and in excellent spirits. When we arrived, our honor party of awesomeness (woooo! inside joke, I'll explain later) were either there already or showed their beautiful faces shortly after. Everything was chill and good. Weird. I swear I was waiting for something to happen and it just didn't.

Then, our AC in our room stopped working. Then, we cracked open our bottle of Honey Jack that we had been saving for THREE MONTHS and began to enjoy our weekend. :) We moved rooms and all was well.

We went to rehearsal and thank the gods we were the last ones there because it took longer than expected. The ladies at our venue were awesome. Awesome! What was supposed to be a 30 minute rehearsal took over an hour. The sun was out and in our eyes. We thought, well, we can wear our sunglasses. We're wearing them anyway at the park! It will be rad, cool, hip!

A week before our wedding, we met our videographer at our venue. That was the first time we saw the Art Wall up and it was gorgeous. That night, we went to this sushi place that was in the same center as our hotel. It was SO GOOD. And they were SO NICE! We decided to have our rehearsal dinner there instead of shopping for snacks at the local grocery store. That was plan A. I'm so glad we went with plan B! Dinner was amazing!

Full on good food, we walked the short distance to the grocery store and stocked up on alcohol (just a little), snacks, and food for the next day. The evening played out wonderfully. L and I got to have our 30 minutes alone time. During that time, we exchanged gifts and used the sage we had brought. It was real nice. It's funny because we each got each other the one thing that they love most. L got me my favorite book in hard cover and I made her a CD of music. Isn't that special????

We were determined to NOT go to bed intoxicated because we were NOT waking up on our DAY with hangovers. Lucky, that worked out. We kissed goodnight and stayed in our rooms respectively. We had agreed to not see each other throughout the entire next day until the reveal! Or, I mean 'first look.'

And now, we are off to bed! Melatonin was our friend. Our dear, dear friend.