Saturday, September 29, 2012

Funky details! The Brides' Edition.

I have to admit, I loved all of our details. We put US into our wedding like nobody's business. Where do I start? I need to organize! Haha! I hope I don't forget anything, but if I do, I'll add it in when I remember. Also, because I've blogged about the DIY aspects, I'll be keeping that to a minimum, only because, well, you already know about that stuff! :) This has the potential to be a really long blog so I've decided to just break it up. This one is all about the Brides.

~ Our rings. We got them engraved with Eye El Why. In sign language, to sign I LOVE YOU, you make the hand shape I L Y all at the same time. One day, I was driving to work. I was teaching a night class (few of them actually) and it was always hard to leave my family just as they were settling in for the night. As I was driving, L sent me a text. As I stopped at a red light, I glanced at my phone and I saw Eye El Why... read it out loud. I had no idea what she was talking about. She stumped me! It took me HOURS to figure it out and it's quite possible that I ended up just asking her what it meant. Regardless of all that, it meant I LOVE YOU but in a unique way. So adorable, unique, and so HER.

We didn't end up with a photo of the engraving but, we did get many other awesome photos. Like this one!
~ L's blouse, as you know, was handmade. My corset was custom made as well. L's pants were from Alfred Angelo and she loved them. I'm jealous I couldn't wear mine. My skirt came from Macy's. Well, the outer skirt. Two weeks before the wedding, my 'custom' skirt was a no go. L and I spent ALL day searching for an alternative skirt. I even thought about ordering a skirt from the woman who made my corset and say screw the costs! However, we found something that was okay. The only problem was it was SEE THROUGH. Pretty sure L announced that to the entire dressing room when I was trying it on. :) Anyway, I didn't have time to order a slip so I went with what I had. A long time ago, one of our honor peeps had given me a white skirt. It sort of fluffed out a bit and it fit pretty good under the skirt and gave me some poof. I didn't love it because all I saw was my fat bulging at the bottom of my corset. Hey, it had to go somewhere and it did. There and at my chin. I think I grew a frog's throat that day. And yes, I'm aware that the photo below does not depict either of those. I'm saving them until I've buttered you up with other photos and details first. ;-)

~ Our make up was the exact same application. Mine was a tad darker because I wear make up daily. L doesn't so hers was a lighter on the eyes. We wore smear proof lipstick that we found after a loooong search. It was Kat Von D's Everlasting Love Liquid Lipstick. I used a red lip liner and L used a mauve lip liner. It was fantastic. Lasted through all the kisses :)

This was after crying through our private vows and our ceremonial vows.
~ Our jewelry! This was so fun to put this together. Okay... we wore bracelets that were the colors of the rainbow. They had so many meanings, that's a blog on it's own. We also bought the girls' bracelets from the same woman we bought these from. I don't have a photo from the wedding of those but they were from our Handfasting. If you go here, you can see their bracelets.

LunarraStar Jewelry on Etsy
We also wore ear cuffs. L wore two different ones. One butterfly and one monkey. And I wore an owl. :) I don't really have up close photos of those on us. The links take you to the respective sellers on Etsy where we purchased them from.

We also wore raw Amethyst chunks. They were heavy and I think L's cord was a better choice than my chain. Either that or it needs to be a choker because it gets in the way of my boobs. Then again, what doesn't? We bought them from two Etsy shops. Mine came from Amore Valkyrie Fine Jewelry and L's came from Mama Joia.

Mine is on the left, L's is on the right.
Finally, L had a Mickey in her hair. And I had a Mickey around my ankle. I didn't want anything in my hair. The ribbon though, was changed to purple. We bought the items for my anklet in Downtown Disney and L's clip came from a shop on Etsy

I changed the ribbon from red to purple.
L made the anklet for me. :D
Speaking of shoes... We had really wanted to get customized Converse. However, we just didn't get to it. Sad, I know. There are mine up there, the low tops. And L's are below, high tops, of course. Check out her nifty socks, too! :)

We had planned on carrying handkerchiefs instead of flowers. We found some at my mom's house. They were aged and beautiful. Funny thing? We forgot them! Well, I brought mine to the park and then we didn't have it again. But shit, I needed it! I cried, it seemed, every time it was my turn to talk.

We got our nails done, real special, too. I don't have a close up of both of our hands. Here is L's lovely left hand. Hehe. I drew the design on her ring finger. My nails were white tip french and my design, that I drew on myself, was the purple of L's tips.

I think that's it. The only other thing we got for us specifically was a personalized flask that we got engraved with our date. We filled it with ice chilled Honey Jack Whiskey and it was delicious. Oh look! My nails! Just can't see my design but oh well. Nice flask, huh??

The Hair of the Dog on Etsy
Cheers, baby!

Just took a sip! :)

So there you have it! The Brides' Edition. Hope you enjoyed! Sorry it took so long. Next one won't be so far off. There are links all around, click away! All of the photos are ours from our amazing photographers, Karen and Brian, from Karen Leah Photography.

Until next time...