Monday, September 24, 2012

So many to-do's!

I know I've been promising details and I *will* get it out for you, I swear.

Like, swear-swear.

First, I have a question for you. So you've gotten married. HURRAY! Now what?

Have you gone back and 'unliked' all the wedding sites on FB? Have you cleared out your blogs that you followed that were only wedding related? What about Pinterest?? Jesus, there were a lot of wedding related Pinterest boards for me. Should I try to go through them all and unfollow them??

What about all the wedding websites that I subscribed to? Blah, I still get all those emails. I definitely need to unsubscribe to those. And all the party places and the stationary places! Well, maybe I'll keep those.

What can I say? I enjoyed inspiration from a variety of places!

I appreciate your patience with me. I was under the weather for a spell, as well as waiting for the photos to come, but I'm back on the mend and the details are on the horizon!