Friday, October 19, 2012

Funky Details! The Honor Party of Awesomeness!

Woooo! Hehe... on the wedding day, every time we said Honor Party of Awesomeness, the five of them yelled WOOOO! I loved it. :D

Honor Party of Awesomeness! Wooo!

Warning! Loads of photos in this post! :)

If you recall, each of our honor party got to pick their color. Red - Little chicken (LC), Orange - AJ, Yellow - DF, Green - bigger chicken (BC), Blue - LM. We were going to wear purple and ivory, as you've already seen. My mom and L's cousin were pink and light blue. I'll talk about them in another post. 

We had so many ideas on how to incorporate the colors for the honor party. First, they were going to wear their actual color on their clothing. But we didn't like the way that looked with the guys. We had three dresses, because all three ladies wanted to wear them, and two fab gents in pants, because they wanted to wear them. 

About a year and a half away from the day, I came up with the idea of converse. They come in all colors and could be customized if we wanted. They were comfortable and we could dance and be at the ceremony without the need for a shoe change. They could be expensive so we decided to gift them to our honor party. I mean, shit, we were buying four pairs already, what's three more? AND my lovely wife knows how to shop the discounts and she got them for a little less than we anticipated. Score! 

Having those colors helped us plan for the outfits. So many changes but it was worth it. Each one of them wore something unique. They all had a cohesion to them, but they were all just a tad bit different. LC had straps on her dress, BC went with strapless, and LM went with a halter top style. For the gents, DF wore a long tie and AJ wore a bow tie with suspenders. 


If you also remember, I made those anti flower thingy things for them. Which, by the way, we almost forgot at the hotel and they ended up being way too heavy which made them droop. Sigh... No big deal. They wore them any way and they looked great!

We also asked them to get ray-ban sunglasses in their colors. SO! Each of them wore black as their main color, their attire was different but similar, they all wore their hair differently, AJ even wore a hat. There was no matching jewelry for the ladies. Nothing really matched except that they all had converse, the butterfly things I made, and their ray-bans. We loved it. 

The last thing they had that correlated their colors were the ribbons I had made for our hand tying. Because each of them would come up and tie a ribbon, they each got their own. I tied their ribbons to their wrists before the ceremony. When it was time, they each came up, tied the ribbon around our clasped hands and gave us a bit of love.

They just looked so great! All of them shined and were beautiful and gorgeous! 

This last photo is a favorite for sure. We high five'd throughout the whole process, even in the wedding, so much high five'ing. They planned this out at the rehearsal the night before. When they say down, they high five'd each other. So awesome!

Yeah, they are... :D

Until next time,