Wednesday, October 10, 2012


This last weekend, as you know, we went to Disneyland! :D

Normally, we don't need a reason to go but this last weekend Disneyland/DCA was set up for Gay Days. We have always tried to go every year to either the main weekend that happens in October or the Mini Gay Days that happens in April. Basically, because of the wedding, we hadn't been since April 2011. This year, we went both days and really made a weekend of it. Sunday was also the day we were meeting up with friends of ours who are getting married TOMORROW!!!!!

We decided to bring our Hidden Mickey book and hunt some of those down. Unfortunately, we just didn't get to this. The book is capital A-wesome but because of how it's setup, it's just not conducive for a family. I would love, love, love for a weekend trip with just L and I where we could take this book (actually, we need to buy the updated version) and go through the hunt the way it's described in the book. It's amazing how detailed it is and the author does a fantastic job. I would love to have his job actually. I mean, how fun! Let's go everywhere Disney and find Hidden Mickeys and write books about it! Yeah! Anyway, sadly, this book made it out of the backpack only once. Boo. Someday though, I'm telling you, we will hunt those down.

Along with the Hidden Mickey activities that we didn't do, we also brought along copies of the Photo Scavenger Hunts from P.T., the author of 400 Miles to Disneyland. Great blog by the way, if any of you are Disney freaks like us, you should check it out. Anyway! I printed out 6, no wait, 7 photo scavenger hunts. I thought we would get through them all. I was insane. When she says MONTHLY photo scavenger hunts, she means it! We decided to go with the most recent because of all the changes that had happened at Disneyland and DCA. The girls teamed up with the October edition and L and I were on our own with the September edition. It was decided that the winners would enjoy an ice cream cone while the losing team would have to endure the Matterhorn, line and all. I didn't realize how in depth these searches are. Both teams ended up having to ask Cast Members where to go for a few of them. Some of them were no longer in either parks. That was pretty frustrating. By the end of the first day, we were all too tired to continue. We both had 5 photos left on our lists, so we tied! No one got ice cream and no one rode the Matterhorn!

We didn't really eat in the park except for twice. I'll tell ya, those corn dogs are the BEST! And the gumbo is so GOOD! We also tried the new chicken nuggets from the Horseshoe Cafe. YUM! Great option for kids of all ages.

Oh yeah, we stayed at the Anabella Hotel. GREAT place! They have a website and a page on Facebook. Check them out! Very nice and inexpensive alternative to staying in Anaheim if you are there for an extended trip!

So much fun and I miss it! We hadn't been to Disneyland since February! Goodness! See what getting married and moving does to your fun!? Just kidding... sort of. :)

Here are some photos from the weekend.

Until next time...