Thursday, October 18, 2012

Taste the rainbow!

I was getting really into the next details post about the Honor Party of Awesomeness (WOO!) and I realized, I need to go back to explain the reason for the all the colors.

If you haven't figured it out, we had a lot of black with some ivory thrown in but we also had all of the colors of the rainbow. Many people during our planning time assumed we chose them because and only because we're gay.

A few other things came into play...
1) We definitely wanted our chickens involved.
2) We were going to have a Hand tying.
3) We wanted our Spiritualism represented somehow.

We actually began our planning adventure like this:

Me: Hey, let's go up North to Half Moon Bay and have a Handfasting/wedding up there with like no one else but us and the kids.

L: Yeah, let's do it!

One night, our friend LM was over visiting and she noticed L's engagement/Handfasting ring and said something to the effect of: 'You know you aren't getting married without me, right?'

New plan!

We decided to ask the girls, obviously. Then, we decided to ask three of our dear friends. LM, AJ, and DF. We tossed the idea around about how we would incorporate colors and what have you. Nothing really jumped out at us until I (or maybe it was L) said why not use all of the colors? Either we wear the entire rainbow, as in a rainbow dress (have you seen these dresses?) or we can wear ivory with a rainbow accessory. Or or or or or! Planning is so fun!

Finally, it was decided that the peeps should wear the colors. We were still planning on all ivory for us at that point. We asked the girls which colors they would like and they picked red and green. We asked the others what they would like and LM picked blue, DF picked yellow, and AJ picked orange. Really, it couldn't have worked out better if we had planned it.

I researched color meanings and descriptions of colors and what they were used for and why. We were all about making sure if it was included in this thing, it meant something. 

The original rainbow gay pride flag had eight colors. And we have seven chakras. If you're following along (hehe), you'll have discovered that we had too many colors and not enough people. Thus, we decided to wear purple in some sort of fashion. My mom would be light blue and L's cousin (her mama rep) would wear pink. They switched it around but that's all good and fine.

These colors went every which way possible in the early days of planning. You wouldn't believe the ideas we came up with! I loved all of them.

The very first way we incorporated the rainbow was deciding on our cake topper and having it come to reality. Seeing it on the wedding day was so amazing.

Isn't it beautiful?? We glued each of those butterflies! The cake was delicious too! I loved that it was square with the simple white frosting. This was the very first purchase for our rainbow colors. And oh what came next!

Til then...