Friday, November 16, 2012

Crafty smafty and stuff!

One awesome thing about having this shindig tomorrow is that it motivated us insanely to put up all of our stuff. It also activated those DIY crafting skills we used so much of for the wedding and handfasting. One of my favorite places for inspiration is, of course, Pinterest.

I saw this awesome ribbon backdrop thing. I also saw this what seems really easy balloon display thing. Don't even get me started on the gazillion things I found to do with wine bottles. Or all the food that still has me drooling. Or all the things I really wanted to do but just didn't have the supplies. And that was just for our party! There are too many things I wish I had the talent for but alas, I do not.

Back to the party DIY fun fun fun!

Here's my attempt at getting labels off of wine bottles. Which I intended to drill holes in and place pretty white lights in and have them be all faery twinkling lights and shit. Not quite.

As you can see, a lot of bottles. 
Lucky, we have a big tub. I soaked them in hot water with Dawn for 24 hours!
I got super happy because the first one came out perfect!
And the rest came out like this, even after I scrapped all that paper off with a razor.
This is what you do when plan A doesn't work. Wrap with hemp and off you go!
I just really liked this photo. 
So! I started out with this awesome plan and it didn't work. However, I've made a new plan, which worked out well. We're going to have wild flowers sit in the bottles, so we're using them like vases.

After this was complete, we worked on the balloons. We didn't have the pretty colors that the original pin had. We only had really dark balloons. We blew up like 10 of them, tried to tape two of them, realized it was a fail, and gave the balloons to the little chicken. Who, by the way, was happy as a lark to have them.

We had to have something on the wall. You wouldn't think so but it's a big blank wall. It needed a decoration or a backdrop. And cue ribbons! The photo I have does not do it justice because it's taken at night with bad lighting. However, it looks freaking awesome!

Looks great! And, we got to use the ribbon from the wedding/handfasting!
One other DIY project I did was a permanent fixture in our kitchen. A long time ago, I found this pin and fell in love. I wanted this so I set out to create it. I didn't want to copy it because well, that sucks. So I thought of other ways to do it and this is what came of that. I took our names, birthdays, and the sentence 'What a difference a day makes.' and I printed them up on regular printing paper. I cut them to specific sizes and modpodged them onto water color paper (a canvas-y type paper). This made them thicker and heavier. I chose a pretty yellow yarn and hot glued them to the backs of each one. The names and birthdays are attached to each other. Once they were cooled off, I put the screw hooks into the wall and hung them up! I love them. Everyone loved them. That makes me happy. :)

This is our wall in the kitchen/dinning area. Nice blank spot on the wall there. 
A close up, I wanted you to see the dates and names. 
Another purty one.
Moral of the story? Always have a plan B. Can't wait for tomorrow!

Until next time... ~L